Russia successfully complete COVID-19 vaccine trial

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Sechenov first Moscow state medical university in Russia claimed that the clinical trial of the world-first corona vaccine is almost done. and this information is given by Vadine Tarasove the director of the institute Tarasov. According to their clinical study at Sechenov university, they receive a lyophilised vaccine( a powder form in which a solution is prepared for Intramuscular injection). And the vaccine was developed by Gamceleya institute an epidemiology research center in Moscow.

This trial was approved by the Russian ministry on 14 June 2020. And the first group of volunteers (18 people) receives the vaccine before 18 June and the second group of a healthy volunteer(20 people) got the vaccine on 23 June 2020. The purpose of giving the vaccine to a healthy volunteer is, checking the safety of the vaccine.

According to the report, both groups of volunteers are discharged soon. The first group of volunteers will be discharged on Wednesday(15 July). And the second group of the volunteer will be discharged on 20th July.

According to them, some volunteer has found mild symptoms of headache and fever. But these symptoms resolve quickly(Within 24 hrs). Alexander Lukashev, the director of the institute of medical parasitology, topical and vector born diseases at Sechenov University, said the safety study of vaccine is successfully done.


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